Where Does Money Come From? – Part 7

It Is God Who Gives You The Power To Get Wealth

My Sunday Special

Judges GavelAs I have mentioned before, we are a three part being: A Spiritual being, with a Soul, living in a Physical body.

We must understand that there are laws governing every single thing, seen and unseen.  There are laws of the spirit world, there are laws of the soul world, and there are laws of the physical world.

A law is “a rule or collection of rules imposed by authority.” In this case, the authority is the Creator of the spirit, soul and body … I call Him God.  A law, its operation and consequence or penalty for disobedience, does not change because of our belief in it or our knowledge of it.  A three month old baby does not know about the law of gravity and if not supervised or protected, could crawl off a balcony 10 stories up; the law of gravity will still work.

As we study these laws we learn that the laws of the soul realm (the soul being the conscious mind, the will and the subconscious mind) are more powerful then the physical world and the laws of the physical realm; and the laws of the spirit realm are more powerful than the soul world and the laws of the soul realm.

Now that means, whether money is part of the spiritual realm, soul realm, physical realm or all realms, there are laws which govern its acquisition and disposal!  That means …

… there are exact laws which govern poverty and exact laws which govern financial wealth.

We can talk about the different laws which govern the creation of wealth, and we will over time.  I want to draw your attention to one law which I believe is vitally important! Disobeying this law won’t stop you from acquiring wealth, however it will cause you to be unfulfilled with any amount of wealth and even lose whatever you create!!

It appears this law was first recorded between 1446 BC and 1406 BC by Moses in the Torah. It can be read in the bible in Deuteronomy 8:17-20:

In God We Trust

17And beware lest you say in your mind and heart, “My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth.”

18But you shall [earnestly] remember the Lord your God, for it is He Who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

19And if you forget the Lord your God and walk after other gods and serve them and worship them, I testify against you this day that you shall surely perish.

20Like the nations which the Lord makes to perish before you, so shall you perish, because you would not obey the voice of the Lord your God.

This is worthwhile a considerable amount of your time to mediate and ponder on.

This does NOT say that God will punish you.  What it does say is if you puff yourself up, or believe you are God and that you alone created the wealth and do not give gratitude and praise to the source of all wealth and prosperity, you will suffer the penalty of not obeying the law.

This is a law, and the consequence of being ignorant to it or disobeying it is not altered by your belief whether it exists or works or not!

Does God Want You To Be Poor, Sick and Broke?

My special Sunday edition!

Man in JailMany people around the world, when they become aware of their spirituality and spiritual needs they are introduced to religion, or they are brought up being taught religion as truth.  All religion is bondage and binds people up in a prison of false teachings.  Religion primarily teaches and upholds the concept of poverty and lack.

Hear me out here for a moment!

A person will say, “I’m a Christian” or “I’m a Muslim” etc. and others will immediately assume that they are ‘religious’.  Others will say “I’m a Universalist” or “I’m a Spiritualist” or they just believe in universal consciousness and they don’t think they are religious.  The truth is that the Christian may not be religious at all while the Universalist is bound by poverty thinking and is far more religious.

Don’t read something in here that I’m not saying!!  MANY Christians are religious, not because they are followers of Christ though, rather that they are followers of other men’s teachings of which Christ never taught or lived.

One root of the word religion is ‘religare’, which means ‘to bind fast’; or the Greek word is ‘deisidaimonia’ which means ‘to fear a pagan deity’.  Religion is a bondage or prison to a set of man-made rules, which normally include that lack and poverty are not only OK, but sometimes even righteous!!  Even God Himself was and is against religion … not only the bible tells us that, so does common sense when we understand that God is love.

A short time ago one of The Secret Teachers wrote on FaceBook “Where is God?” I responded with biblical quotations referencing my answer to the bible.  He wrote back saying that he didn’t believe any religious books as they were all written by man.  I had to chuckle at the stupidity of the reply.  Does that mean he doesn’t believe any inspired writings nor does he believe what he writes himself! Hmmm … interesting!

Woman With Open ArmsNothing in the story of Jesus was about bondage except what others did to Him.  His whole life’s example was setting people free from captivity, sickness and poverty.  He scolded the religious leaders of the day for their abuse of the poor.  Jesus’s one message was salvation.

The word ‘salvation’ when we go back to its Greek origin is “soteria.” Soteria denotes deliverance, preservation and salvation … but from what!  In context of its usage; deliverance from danger and apprehension, from prison, from sickness and disease, from poverty, from sin (feeling inferior because we have missed the mark), and from the wrath of God by His grace.

So might this mean that when we study the Word of God written in the bible, rather than listen to false doctrines from religious leaders seeking to bind us,  that we will find it is more about abundance and prosperity than lack and poverty?  And that God’s will for His children is more life not less!  Jesus said in John 10:10, “I come to give you life and life more abundantly.” Did you know that there are twice as many bible passages that speak of riches, abundance, prosperity and health than there are that speak of the opposite.  That doesn’t sound like lack to me.

Does that mean if we are suffering lack, poverty and disease that we are outside the will of God? OUCH!

Our God is a god of life, love and abundance beyond our comprehension or wildest dreams.

The Science of Getting Rich coverI challenge you:

  • that if you believe you should be just happy with your lot in life,
  • or that it is wrong to be financially wealthy,
  • or that having riches is some sort of curse,
  • or even that it is OK to be poor or mediocre …

… I challenge you to find out why you believe that.  And to ask yourself where those ideas came from, are they truth, and are they serving you.

If you haven’t downloaded and listened to my free Science of Getting Rich seminar, I encourage you to do that immediately:  http://www.SignpostsToFreedom.com

David Schirmer Exposed – An Interview with Learning From Leaders from David Schirmer on Vimeo.

Recently David Schirmer was exposed on TV, a real current affair show, not the usual scam of fraud you would see on TV.

David Schirmer exposed in an interview with Learning With Leaders host Pactrick Dougher.  Here is the transcript of The Secret Teacher David Schirmer Exposed:

Patrick Dougher: Welcome to Learning from Leaders. This is your host Patrick Dougher. I have a great show for you today. I’ve brought a good friend of mine and a mentor that I’ve known for the last several years, on the show because, well, I wanted to share him with you. I wanted to show you a person that I’ve found to be not just a great mentor and teacher, but someone who actually has had a great deal of international renown with a movie that he was in a few years ago called The Secret.

Then, we met a few months later at a mastermind meeting, a meeting in Baltimore, and I was really stunned at how wise this guy is and what he brought to the table. We became fast friends and we’ve kept up with each other through Facebook and some other things because David Schirmer lives in Australia. He’s a good friend of mine and I’m so thankful that you’re doing the show. Welcome to the show, David.

David Schirmer: Well, thank you. Glad to be here.

Patrick Dougher: Well, David, I know a lot of people want to know your story. You were with The Secret, but there’s so much more to you. So, tell me more.

David Schirmer: I guess our story goes right back to – we lived in Far North Queensland. I grew up on a cattle station and then got married and was on the family farm for a number of years. But, I started to really question about the whole success philosophy, then started the manufacturing business and that went really good for a short time. Then, like sometimes in business, the wheels fall off.

All of a sudden we found ourselves massively in debt. We couldn’t pay our rent. We were about to be evicted from our home. We hadn’t paid the registration on our vehicle and were driving around in an unregistered vehicle. I was on unemployment benefits and without a job.  So, we all of a sudden found ourselves in the situation that then perpetuated. It got worse, and worse, and worse.

That really puzzled me, because I’d seen people that I didn’t think were smart as what I was in school, and so on. And yet, here I was massively in debt and not knowing how to actually create an income to feed our family.

I exposed where the journey started, it really started for us. So, I started asking the question, “How come? How come some people create success and others wander through life and barely make it to death and never really achieve much at all?”

So, really, from that, I started to study. The first book I think I read was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. That challenged me in a lot of areas. But, I remember going to a seminar and I was challenged by a statement that was given by George Bernard Shaw. The statement was, “It is a sin to be poor.”

Patrick Dougher: Wow!

David Schirmer: That one statement really challenged me because I thought, well, I was brought up as a Christian and I was sort of taught it’s okay, it’s even sometimes right to just to be broke. So, I started to really question that whole concept about prosperity and abundance. That was the start of the journey.

So, as I did that, I had a thirst to learn more. I was also studying the stock market. I still didn’t have a constant income. And really, it was an evolvement of me, I guess. It was a process. But, we went from massively in debt, unemployed, couldn’t speak in public, we had four children at the time and in a very short time, we made over a million dollars in a year. And that was the primary reason why I was invited to be on The Secret was my story.

Patrick Dougher: So, something must have changed pretty radically for you to go from, in a sense, broke and unemployed – your words, to a million dollars in a year. What was the transition there?

David Schirmer: I had read books and gone to seminars where it said, “All you have to do is write down your goals, your affirmations, and read them over and over again every day and your life will change.” I did that for about four years and nothing happened. Things got worse. So, I learned that that wasn’t actually the key to success.

I remember listening to a cassette tape by someone and something must have dropped. The penny must have dropped. All of a sudden, I realized what I was focusing on and what I wasn’t focusing on and the critical thing was – the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle, if you like – is how the mind works is why we actually have the results in our life that we have.

I’ve shared with people now for years on how the mind works, and the subconscious and results and so on. And I’ve had people even recently – I ran a seminar in New York and a person said, “I’ve been studying the mind for years and I thought how the mind worked until I actually listened to you and learned.”

For me, it was a real experience. It wasn’t from reading books or attending seminars. It was a real life experience where I was challenged. I was overwhelmed with bills coming in the mail, so much so I would just put them in the bin, and then I got the realization that my entire day was consumed by focusing on all the money I didn’t have and the bills in the mail.

That’s where that part in The Secret comes from, “I get more checks than bills,” because I realized, at that point, I had to focus on prosperity and abundance, regardless of my situation, no matter how terrible it was and how little power I thought I had to change it. I had to focus on abundance and prosperity. I had to focus on the check coming in the mail not the poverty that I was in because I learned, in that time, that by focusing on all the bills I had and being overwhelmed with that, all I was doing is creating the situation worse.

Patrick Dougher: Ow. So, once that began to change, what were some of the activities that you began to do to really restructure?

David Schirmer: I always say to people, I would check how much money I didn’t have every day. So, I would go down to the ATM, before the Internet was available, and I would check how much money I didn’t have. Most people spend so much time thinking about money because they haven’t got it. And I say to people, “Imagine how much free time you’d have if you didn’t have to think about money.”

Well, one of the activities I did is the very next day, the postman came because I would dread when the postman would come, because they would just deliver more bills and I knew what it said in them. So, the next day the postman came, I actually got hold of the bills, opened them up for the first time in a long time, and I got a big, red texter and I wrote “paid in full” on the bill and I stuck it on the refrigerator. Got another one, wrote “paid in full” and I stuck it up on the wall, wrote “paid in full”, stuck it up in the bedroom – everywhere. We wallpapered our house with bills with “paid in full”.

Now, the truth is they weren’t paid. The creditors probably would have rather them to be paid, but I knew – I didn’t understand how the subconscious mind works as much as I do now, but I knew that something was happening and I was reprogramming the subconscious mind. I also got a bank statement and I wrote on the bottom of the bank statement exactly how much I wanted it to be.

Patrick Dougher: That’s good. One of the things that I want to do is make sure you that you come back for part two of Learning from Leaders. This is your host Patrick Dougher. We’ll be right back.


Patrick Dougher: Welcome back to Learning from Leaders. This is the second part. I’m Patrick Dougher. My guest today is David Schirmer. You might recognize his name from a little movie that came out a couple of years ago called The Secret. He was the Australian that got checks in the mail and car parts, if you can remember that story.

Well, when I met David and developed an awesome friendship with him, it had been probably eight months after The Secret came out. I saw David, we had dinner and I said, “David, I get it. I get The Secret. I understand. But, what’s the next level, because I’m not seeing what I want in my life.” And he goes, “Well, what do you want?” in a very Australian accent that I can’t impersonate.

I told him a number. And he goes, “Why so little?” I’m like, “Huh? I’m sorry, you totally caught me off guard.” And he goes, “Really, what if I told you that it would take the same amount of energy to go from where you’re at to where you dream to be as where you want to be? Would you be interested?”

Well, if a person as successful as David Schirmer asks that of you, I hope you’d say, “Show me the money,” which is what I did and I handed him the typical napkin because we were at dinner and he gave me this amazing answer. I’m thankful he’s my guest today. David, thank you for being on the show.

David Schirmer: Thank you.

Patrick Dougher: I want to know more. I want to know. You said you started changing the way that you thought. You started changing your focus and started marking “paid in full” – papered your house with it. I think a lot of us can relate to being over debt and under employed, maybe, at some point in our life. What was the next step?

David Schirmer: Well, part of the process was I realized that we can never outperform our self-image, the image we hold of ourselves. It doesn’t matter who you are, we all have a self image and really it’s another name for the programming in our subconscious mind. Now, most of us don’t understand what the programming is. We don’t understand how much it controls our outcome.

Literally, every decision we make, every day, about relationships, about money, about health, about everything in our life, we make those automatically based on the programming in our subconscious mind. Much of that programming – we actually received that in the first nine to twelve years of our life. So, we’re making decisions based on what we learned way back then.

Patrick Dougher: So, it’s like driving down the highway looking at the mirror?

David Schirmer: Well, yeah, but it’s also not even knowing what we’re basing the decision on. But, we’re just making it automatically. It’s probably more like driving to work every day. You go the same way. You don’t know why you go that way, you just think it’s the quickest until, maybe one day, you discover there’s a shorter way or you want to go somewhere else and you end up at work.

It’s just a habit of what we doing, of what we do. So, every decision is actually habitual. For example, the way people look at money, the way they make a decision when they buy something, the way they choose their career, their house, their car, their partner; everything else. Much of that is habitual. So, if that’s the cause of it, then why don’t we address the cause?

So, I started to look at that and thought, “Well, okay, I’m habitually acting with money. I’m repelling it.” And most people do. Most people are actually not attracting wealth and prosperity, they’re repelling it. When we talk more about the lower vibration zone, we get to understand how that happens.

But, for the purpose of today, it’s literally that the only way we can change our circumstances or our results in our life is we have to change the cause of them. And the cause of them is not the things around us. The cause of them is not other people doing stuff to us or events and so on. The cause of it is actually the way we think.

More importantly, the cause of it is the programming or the images we hold in our subconscious mind. If a person holds an image of $40,000 a year, they cannot exceed that no matter how hard they try. They could get to $45,000 maybe, but they can’t get to $400,000. Now, that means if we want to change our results dramatically, we have to change the programming in our subconscious mind.

Now, I didn’t understand that, but one of the exercises I did is I created a future budget, which means I created a budget of how I wanted to live; hat sort of car I want to drive, not what I had. What sort of houses did I want to live in? What sort of traveling did I want to do? Now, that did a couple of things. One is I came out with a figure that just totally blew me away because, up until this point, I was living on less than $5,000 a year. That was my income. And I was trying to support a family and all with that. My wife earned some income as well, but we were on the poverty line.

So, that was my paradigm or my subconscious belief of what I thought I was worth. So, I did this budget and it came out at something like $43,600 per month.

Patrick Dougher: Sweet!

David Schirmer: I just about fell off my chair when I added it up. But, the thing is, something happened while I was doing that. See, to get to that figure, I had to go out and find out how much the house cost. I had to go out and find out what sort of car I wanted; how much that cost. I had to go out and find out all sorts of things about how I wanted to live my life, not how I was living my life because most of us are living life just looking at our present results and keeping on doing it.

So, I started to look at how I wanted to live it and that was where the change started to happen. If a person can get specific about the things they want in their life, they can change their life. But, most people don’t ever actually really decide what they want in their life. Now, I just experienced so much pain that I decided I was going to change. That’s what I did.

Now, as I said to you very early on in our friendship, I said that the subconscious mind has no concept of time or quantity. Paul said, in the Bible, that we have to renew our mind to get ourselves away from the worldly way of thinking. So, that’s what it was talking about; renewing the mind or the subconscious mind. Proverbs says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

So, we will only be what we think in our heart. Now, back then they referred to the heart as the subconscious mind.

Patrick Dougher: Oh, I didn’t know that.

David Schirmer: Yeah, it is, because when you look at the Bible, the Bible breaks up – we are a spiritual being with an intellect with a physical body. Well, we have a soul and the soul is a mind, will, and emotion. Well, the emotion part of us is the heart, which is the subconscious mind – just another name for it. So, we have to change the cause. We have to change the image in our subconscious mind. That’s the part most people don’t understand nor do they understand how to change it.

Patrick Dougher: Wow. Well, I hope that you guys are really getting a lot out of this because in today’s show, David is literally showing you how to rewire what’s upstairs. It’s to break through the negative tapes and the things that are keeping you back from being where you want to be. So often, people look at their lives and they think, “I’m just not worthy of that.”

And I really would encourage you to give yourself a chance. Believe in yourself because what we’re talking about here is rewiring what’s here, rewiring what’s in our heart and really opening yourself up to the belief that you can do whatever you want to do, that you can become what you’re supposed to become, what’s a God-given right for you to be everything you’re supposed to be. With that, we’ll be right back.


Patrick Dougher: Welcome back to Learning from Leaders. I’m your host Patrick Dougher. My guest today is David Schirmer. He’s the Australian from The Secret. You guys remember that a few years ago. He got checks in the mail and car parts. I’ve seen that happen too. But, I’m so thankful for him being on the show today.

And one of the things we’ve been talking about is how to rewire your mind, how to tap into your subconscious and begin to program it to expect the right stuff. One of the things that I’m a real big believer in is that a lot of us, a lot of people, just don’t believe that they’re worthy of success or great success. They just wear this unworthiness cloth like that’s what they were meant to do.

And I would just challenge you. In fact, David, let me tell a quick story. Here’s the thing, folks, if you were to go back to the Garden of Eden and you were to see yourself from the view point of the angels and God walked up to this mud pie and He breathed into the mud pie and all of a sudden it started to change shape ,and form and the Spirit filled it and it was amazing. And you’re watching and you’re thinking, “Wow! He’s going to create a man! Whatever that is.” Right?

Then, you see him get done and He sits back and He goes, “Check that out!” And you look down and you gasp because He’s cloned Himself. The Creator created a creator. He literally made something that was just like Him.

Fast forward to today. I believe the angels still walk among us. They see us… You know what they do? They see His glory in you and they bow in reverence of His glory in you.

We sit there and go, “Oh, this glory of God thing? Hey, I only put this on when I don’t care what I look like.” And we just discredit, dismiss, and dismantle our authority. My challenge is that you would literally wake up tomorrow and say, “God, help me to co-create something magnificent in my life, and in my family’s, and in this nation.”

I challenge you to that this time because I want you to begin to free yourself to believe that you can be anything. David, thanks for being on the show. Thanks for enduring my story too.

David Schirmer: Thank you.

Patrick Dougher: I want to get in to kind of the next step. Once people have begun to see themselves the right way, what do they do next?

David Schirmer: I break down success or creation if you like – like you said, we are co-creators. How do we co-create? And I think it’s a very simple five step process. Most people are trying to make life complicated. One of my fortes is the stock market and I say to people, “Stop trying to make it so complicated. It’s not complicated. It’s very simple.”

And it’s the same with success. The first thing we’ve got to do is we’ve got to have a vision. Most people do not have clarity of vision. Now, there’s no sense in going on to step two, three, four, or five without a very clear vision. And I mean a very clear vision. People often limit their vision. It’s like when you said to me how much you wanted and I said, “Why so small?”

It’s because I understand that our subconscious mind, connected with the universe, connected with God is so powerful that we have scarcely tapped into it yet. God said, “Let there be light,” and light filled the entire Earth and the universe. And it’s still continuing to this day. Scientists even say that the universe is expanding at the speed of light today.

So, every second there’s a planet being created or a star being created that’s larger than the size of the sun. And from when he said, “Let there be light,” many thousands of years ago. So, that’s amazing.

And we have the same co-creative ability. The first thing is get a vision. It’s not to say, “Boy, it’s dark down there. That’s a dark place,” and complain about it and talk about what you don’t want it to be, but just let there be light.

If you want abundance and prosperity, what is it? How much do you want? And speak it out. That’s the first thing is to actually get a vision. We talk about the purpose of the imagination in our seminars and so on. That’s the first step. The next step is actually to decide to have a purpose or purpose to do, which means to cut off all other possibilities.

Then, you’ve got to believe, then you’ve got to act. A lot of people watched The Secret and they – I get emails from people saying, “I’ve watched The Secret 50 times and nothing has happened.” Well, that’s because you’re sitting at the kitchen table humming and contemplating your navel expecting the money to drop out the ceiling. You’ve actually got to act. You’ve got to do something.

The Bible says, “Faith without works is dead.” You’ve got to actually do something then, of course, gratitude. And again, the Bible says, “Praise. Praise God for everything. Rejoice in today because today is the day the Lord has made.” Even in our challenges, we have to rejoice because it’s through the rejoicing we actually see the opportunity.

So, it’s very easy to actually create success. But, most people do not understand that process. And I guess that’s the key is knowing what the process is and how to actually go through that process to, first of all, create change in the subconscious mind. Many people are trying to apply willpower to change their life and willpower will never give a lasting result.

There’s a vast difference between the will and willpower. That means the purpose of the will is to focus on how we want our life regardless of our circumstances. Jesus said, “When you pray, pray believing that it is already yours and it will be.” And there’s so much power in that. It’s not that we have to look at, “I want this,” or “I want that.” No. We have to actually pretend or believe that it already is ours and if we already believe it is ours, it will be. And that’s the power of it.

Patrick Dougher: I know that Paul Cho talks about being pregnant with the vision; that it’s actually in the Spirit and in order to bring it into reality, there’s a nurturing that has to happen. Well, I know that you actually have even some things, free downloads that somebody could get?

David Schirmer: My three most favorite books in the whole world – first of all is the Bible; everything’s in there, there’s every bit of personal development in there. The next is the Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill. And the third is The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. Now, I have actually run, many times, a seminar created on that book, The Science of Getting Rich.

I recorded it and have made that available – the whole two day seminar – made it available free online and people can just go to  www.SignpostsToFreedom.com and they can just sign up and the download. They get a 20 minute clip or so about every two or three days, so they can work through over a 40 day odd period and go through that whole seminar. But actually, you get really into some of that information I was talking about.

Patrick Dougher: Very good. Well, I would encourage you guys to go to www.signpoststofreedom.com and really connect to David. I have been so blessed to have his friendship for the last several years now. I’ve been really thankful that when we get together, we always exchange what’s going on. We will connect via Skype, we’ll connect at Facebook and I would encourage you to connect to his fan page on Facebook. (http://www.facebook.com/david.schirmer/)

The idea is that he’s got so much to give. He has so much wisdom and he was, in a sense, blessed enough to get on something that was just a conglomeration of a bunch of different people sharing their ideas. But, that gave him the opportunity to be in 20 or 30 million households to share a truth that could change their life, to introduce himself and what he’s saying that could open the doors for you to become everything you want to be.

And right now, I know that a large portion of the world and even in America that, man, people are in pain. So, I would encourage you to connect to David. What is that again?

David Schirmer: www.signpoststofreedom.com

Patrick Dougher: Very good. It’s on the screen. It’s been a great show. I’m so thankful for David and our friendship and I really encourage you to connect to him because he has the wisdom that can really carry you through to the next level.

I really just encourage you to come back to this YouTube channel or other channels that it’s on out there on the Internet, and get to know some of the other things that we’re doing at www.patrickdougher.com because we’ve got a lot to help you get where you want to go.

Thanks so much. This is Pat Dougher. This has been Learning from Leaders.

The Secret, Christianity and Jesus … Does it work the same for non-believers?

The Secret book & The Secret DVD by Rhonda ByrneAs many of my regular readers will know, I am a born again Christian, have been now for 35 years, and I often get questions about The Secret and Christianity.  Some Christians have labelled The Secret as a New Age demonic production and have spoken ill against every person on it.  This is a showing of their ignorance as a Christian and of the bible.

There are certainly some aspects of The Secret DVD and The Secret book which are incorrect according to the bible and I’m happy to share that with anyone who asks.  I believe that the bible is 100% true so to debate otherwise with me is a waste of time.  I do respect other’s beliefs and do not think any less of a person if they choose to think or believe contrary to my beliefs, I just don’t waste time debating what I have proven to myself to be the truth.  That said, let me get to the point!

I receive many questions from Christian believers and non-believers alike about the workings of the universal laws.

Here is an email I just received asking if The Secret by Rhonda Byrne works the same for a Christian and non-Christian, which caused me to write this blog:

“Hi David, I was at your Seminar April 3rd in Phoenix AZ. I have a question.

Like gravity, Universal Laws work for everyone equally regardless of religion, right?  So then, a person NOT accepting Jesus can get the same benefits from applying the SECRET? – Or will they only get particle benefits?  Are the benefits the same whether a person accepts Jesus in their lives or not? Is there a difference?

If so, what is it. I am baffled over this.”

Great question! Let me first briefly clarify something for those who may not believe in Christianity or understand it.

A “Christian” is someone who believes in their heart and has confessed with their mouth that Jesus Christ is the Son of the one living God and that the same Jesus died for the sins of all mankind and was raised from the dead that we might be saved (set free from the curse brought about because of Adam’s disobedience that keeps a person from communicating directly with God.)  Romans 10:9-10 A Christian believes every Word of God (the bible) is true. A “Christian” is NOT someone who quotes scripture or says “Yes, I believe in a god and that Jesus was a good man/prophet written about a couple of thousand years ago.”

Back to answering the question!!   :-)

  • A physical law (like gravity) works for and on everything in the physical realm;
  • a mental or ‘soul’ law works for and on everything in the mental or soul realm;
  • a spiritual law works for and on everything in the spiritual realm.

A human being is a spiritual being, with a soul (mind) living in a physical body … therefore we are subject to the laws in each realm of existence.

The bible is The SecretWhen someone is not a Christian they are ‘dead’ in spirit … which means they cannot communicate (fellowship) with God, the creator of all the universe and the creator of all laws!  Adam, by his spiritual disobedience in the garden of Eden severed fellowship with our creator.  The bible tells us that God created man in His own image (spiritually) and for the sole purpose of fellowship with Him.  God is all love and all truth and cannot fellowship with sin.

When man fell out of fellowship with the Creator it must have been God’s greatest grief … because then God gave His only Son Jesus as a gift to His creation (us) to open the door of fellowship.  Jesus said “The only way to my Father is through me.”  Jesus, by His life, death and resurrection wiped the disobedience (sin) slate clean for all mankind past, present and future.  Sin no longer keeps us from communicating with God … the only thing that keeps a person from fellowship with their Creator is the acceptance of His Son, Jesus.

A non-Christian will say “I mediate and fellowship with my god/the universe/universal consciousness etc.”  The bible says you cannot communicate/fellowship with the one true living God accept you first accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.  A non-believer is actually fellowshipping with their own soul (mental ascension)  and other spirit beings not God.  Don’t get mad at me for saying that, that’s what the bible says!

The Law of Attraction (The Secret DVD) is a ‘soul’ law.

The bible says the soul is the mind (conscious mind), the will and the emotions (subconscious mind or ‘heart’).  The Law of Attraction is based on one renewing their mind to the things that are good and acceptable and perfect will of God … not bad, unacceptable and imperfect (Romans 12:2).  What is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God?

Deuteronomy 28:1-14 tells us exactly … it starts off saying “If you will listen diligently to the voice of the Lord your God …” God tells us what is ours … but it is up to us to renew our subconscious mind.  God can’t do that for us, we were created like God, with a free will and the ability to choose.  We can choose poverty and lack, or we can choose abundance and prosperity; we can choose sickness and disease or we can choose health and vitality; we can choose to be dead in spirit (out of fellowship with God) or we can choose to be in fellowship with Him – God will not deny us those choices!  It is up to us, not Him.

Some people, even many Christians say, “If God wants me to be rich or healthy then He will make me.” No!!! God will never make you do or be anything, that’s up to you.

Others will say, “God is ALL POWERFUL so He can do anything!” The bible doesn’t say that!

Others say that, “God is everywhere at once therefore He is in me and I am God.” No, No. No!!  That is a very warped understanding of the spiritual realm and of God.  The bible says that God is ever present but nowhere does it say that He is everywhere – very different.  And God cannot be in someone who does not accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour – it is spiritually illegal and impossible.

Are the benefits the same whether a person accepts Jesus in their lives or not?

Absolutely … the benefits are massively different. The Law of Attraction works the same for a believer and a non-believer as it is a law on the soul realm, we have control of our own minds not God.

The difference is that:

  • A believer has the Word of God and all His promises.  There are some 3000 promises in the bible for the believer that a non-believer doesn’t have access to.
  • A believer knows a peace and fulfillment that surpasses all mental understanding – something a non-believer cannot even comprehend. (Phil 4:7)
  • A believer has the power of God working in them to carry out super-abundantly, far over and above all that we dare ask or think, infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes or dreams. (Eph 3:20)
  • A believer has the Holy Spirit as the Comforter in difficult times.
  • A believer has the Word of God that, when spoken aloud, NEVER goes out and returns void.
  • For a believer, All things are possible through Jesus Christ.
  • A believer has direct access to God and all His wisdom!! (James 1:5)
  • A believer has a personal relationship with God.
  • A believer has the protection of angels. (Ps 91:11-12)
  • A believer has access to super-natural (spiritual) faith. (Mark 11:23)
  • A believer has God as our shepherd to lead, guide and shield, so that they will know no lack. (Ps 23:1)
  • A believer sits spiritually at the right hand of God and has direct access to His throne room to ask or talk about anything and get advice for any concern.

I can go on and on and on … The difference is so great, so massive that it is hard to comprehend why someone would not accept Jesus into their life.  True Christianity is a lifestyle and freedom that cannot be achieved by any other means.  The condition for all the above it that one MUST BELIEVE!

One must believe in Jesus and that every Word of God is true – speak what God says about you is true. Then a world of infinite possibilities, beyond our imagination, opens up for us.

The Law of Attraction is great and allows us to achieve much by controlling our human mind; the Law of Attraction with Jesus is so much better that words cannot describe!


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