Is The Secret The Greatest Power On Earth?

The Secret DVD and book revealed to many people the Law Of Attraction (LOA).

Rhonda Byrne, nor any of the other 25 Teachers (including Esther Hicks), discovered the Law of Attraction. It has been available to man since his creation. In fact, it is a law of creation which God put into place long before the earth existed.

Many people, of all religious beliefs and walks of life still don’t believe in LOA.

Like all other laws of the universe which God put in place, just because a person is ignorant of the law doesn’t stop the law from working to its fullest capacity at all times. You may not believe or know about the law of lift, yet it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You may not believe in God, that doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist.

Simply put, the LOA is “What I believe and speak I create.”

So is The Secret (which was never really a secret) the greatest power on earth?  Absolutely not!

Moses with FaithI heard Bob Proctor say in his “Born Rich” seminar once that faith was the greatest power known to man. I have to disagree with him. Yes, faith is a mighty power. If fact the bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6). Actually without faith it is impossible to believe God exists.

Abraham (in the bible … not Esther Hick’s group of spirits) is called the father of Faith. Abraham believed whatever the God said; he acted on God’s word and Abraham was made very rich, and he was made the father of many nations, later know as race of people called the Jews.

  • Jesus said to a sick woman who believed in Him and touched his clothes, Your faith has made you whole (totally healed and complete).”
  • He also said to his disciples, “All things are possible to those who believe.”
  • Paul the apostle said, “We walk by faith, not by sight or appearances.”
  • He also said, “For it is by free grace you are saved through your faith.”
  • Jesus also said, “When you pray, pray believing that you already have it and it will be yours.”

It would seem than that faith can do just about anything!

Many people think “all I have to do is believe and I can have it.” Hang on a minute … that’s not true. Faith without action is dead, nothing, zip, zilch!

I get emails which read something like this: “I’ve watched The Secret 53 times and keep believing in the law of attraction yet nothing has changed. I’m still sick, broke and unhappy.” That is like sitting on the floor cross legged with your fingers shaped in a circle and humming, expecting the money to drop out of the ceiling!!! Now that is just plain dumb!

So faith without action will not help you get what you want let alone your dreams and goals. Faith with action is a mighty power, it will feed the hungry, heal the sick and mend the broken hearted … but it is not the most powerful force know to man!

So what is?

Read my next blog to find out the most powerful force on earth. With it you can have whatever you desire, without it you are but an empty noise!

Does God Want You To Be Poor, Sick and Broke?

My special Sunday edition!

Man in JailMany people around the world, when they become aware of their spirituality and spiritual needs they are introduced to religion, or they are brought up being taught religion as truth.  All religion is bondage and binds people up in a prison of false teachings.  Religion primarily teaches and upholds the concept of poverty and lack.

Hear me out here for a moment!

A person will say, “I’m a Christian” or “I’m a Muslim” etc. and others will immediately assume that they are ‘religious’.  Others will say “I’m a Universalist” or “I’m a Spiritualist” or they just believe in universal consciousness and they don’t think they are religious.  The truth is that the Christian may not be religious at all while the Universalist is bound by poverty thinking and is far more religious.

Don’t read something in here that I’m not saying!!  MANY Christians are religious, not because they are followers of Christ though, rather that they are followers of other men’s teachings of which Christ never taught or lived.

One root of the word religion is ‘religare’, which means ‘to bind fast’; or the Greek word is ‘deisidaimonia’ which means ‘to fear a pagan deity’.  Religion is a bondage or prison to a set of man-made rules, which normally include that lack and poverty are not only OK, but sometimes even righteous!!  Even God Himself was and is against religion … not only the bible tells us that, so does common sense when we understand that God is love.

A short time ago one of The Secret Teachers wrote on FaceBook “Where is God?” I responded with biblical quotations referencing my answer to the bible.  He wrote back saying that he didn’t believe any religious books as they were all written by man.  I had to chuckle at the stupidity of the reply.  Does that mean he doesn’t believe any inspired writings nor does he believe what he writes himself! Hmmm … interesting!

Woman With Open ArmsNothing in the story of Jesus was about bondage except what others did to Him.  His whole life’s example was setting people free from captivity, sickness and poverty.  He scolded the religious leaders of the day for their abuse of the poor.  Jesus’s one message was salvation.

The word ‘salvation’ when we go back to its Greek origin is “soteria.” Soteria denotes deliverance, preservation and salvation … but from what!  In context of its usage; deliverance from danger and apprehension, from prison, from sickness and disease, from poverty, from sin (feeling inferior because we have missed the mark), and from the wrath of God by His grace.

So might this mean that when we study the Word of God written in the bible, rather than listen to false doctrines from religious leaders seeking to bind us,  that we will find it is more about abundance and prosperity than lack and poverty?  And that God’s will for His children is more life not less!  Jesus said in John 10:10, “I come to give you life and life more abundantly.” Did you know that there are twice as many bible passages that speak of riches, abundance, prosperity and health than there are that speak of the opposite.  That doesn’t sound like lack to me.

Does that mean if we are suffering lack, poverty and disease that we are outside the will of God? OUCH!

Our God is a god of life, love and abundance beyond our comprehension or wildest dreams.

The Science of Getting Rich coverI challenge you:

  • that if you believe you should be just happy with your lot in life,
  • or that it is wrong to be financially wealthy,
  • or that having riches is some sort of curse,
  • or even that it is OK to be poor or mediocre …

… I challenge you to find out why you believe that.  And to ask yourself where those ideas came from, are they truth, and are they serving you.

If you haven’t downloaded and listened to my free Science of Getting Rich seminar, I encourage you to do that immediately:

I started conducting the Science of Getting Rich seminars before The Secret was even conceived by Rhonda Byrne

The Science of Getting Rich coverAfter The Secret came out every man and his dog got on the band wagon.  Some people created SGR packages and have been selling them to the naive public for hundreds, and some, thousands of dollars.  One well known Guru even created an illegal ponzi scheme with it and has been selling it for US$2,000 … just for the Science of Getting Rich book recorded on audio on an MP3 and in a leather binderWOW!! (He quickly stopped the ponzi scheme when found out and changed it to a big commission affiliate program) One on the important keys in the book Wattles speaks of is fair exchange of use value for cash value.

After I saw this happen I decided to give away the complete recording of my 2 1/2 day Science of Getting Rich seminar for FREE.

It’s not just an audio of me reading Wallace D Wattles book … an actual live workshop recording where I explain in plain English what the Science of Getting Rich really means and more importantly, How To Apply The Secret In Your life!

I believe that this information, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles, can change the world.  It can make every person far more abundant and prosperous than we can possibly imagine (Yes, EVERY person).  I still learn from the material every time I go through it.

My goal is to get it into as many people’s iPods, MP3 players, cars and homes as possible.

Thousands have now downloaded the FREE Science of Getting Rich seminar and listened to it.  I get Facebook messages and emails every week from people telling me how my simple explanation of it has changed their life.  Here is what a new Facebook friend wrote to me today:

Anna Valenzuela GermanAnna Valenzuela German 02 May at 04:24


I have just completed my 2nd installment of the SGR program. This is totally mind blowing!! You have done an amazing job on breaking this down for me to totally understand it. I was not expecting this…Thank you!

Friends and even strangers have approached me and asked how I can be so positive and happy all the time. I try to explain information like this and even given them copies of The Secret. And like you said…they either take it or reject it. I feel I have been able to move forward with todays audio you sent me. I am totally absorbing all this info!!

I came across all of you by pure chance and it has changed my life completely…I am so thankful and grateful~


Thanks so much Anna … I am honoured that I can play a part in your life.

I have broken the whole 2 1/2 day Science of Getting Rich seminar up in easy listening 15-20 minute bites. You get one audio file every two or three days which makes it so easy to listen to and digest.  Even if you have read the book, attended a SGR seminar or have it on audio by someone else, you will find this totally different and life changing.

I had a multi-millionaire tell me recently that he has listened to my audio at least 35 times from start to finish!

I would like you to do 4 things for me (for yourself really):

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As Wallace D Wattles said:

  • It is perfectly right that you should desire to be rich.
  • If you are a normal man or woman you cannot help doing so.
  • It is perfectly right that you should give your best attention to the science of getting rich because it is the noblest and most necessary of all studies.
  • If you neglect this study, you are derelict in your duty to yourself, to God, and to humanity.
  • You can render God and humanity no greater service than to make the most of yourself.”

Thank you.

How To Apply The Secret – The 7 Steps To Creating Abundance & Prosperity By Using Your Imagination. The Secret behind the Law of Attraction and all success and wealth.

The Secret book & The Secret DVD by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret Book & DVD

Like many of the Secret Teachers, I get a constant influx of emails regarding The Secret DVD and book. These days the comments are “I just watched The Secret DVD and it is amazing, thank you for your contribution” or “I’ve watched The Secret DVD over and over again, I try to do what it say and nothing has changed. What am I doing wrong?”

These questions certainly highlight missing links between The Secret movie and how to apply the Law of Attraction. Many people watch the movie, get all excited about manifesting abundance, think about a life of prosperity yet never take any action towards achieving it. It’s like sitting at the kitchen table and humming in meditation while expecting money to fall through the ceiling!

It may be possible however we don’t seem to have evolved to that level of manifestation yet. Let me share a few key steps that you can do to massively speed up the manifesting of abundance and prosperity in your life. When I mention abundance and prosperity I mean in all areas of your life: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social and Financial.

Know Exactly What You Want

The biggest reason people keep getting poverty and lack in their lives and not having the abundance and prosperity they seek is they do not have a clear mental image of exactly how they want their live to be. Most people know what’s wrong in their lives and can give you a big long list; some even know how they don’t want their lives to be but very few know the perfect life they would like to live every day.

Having A VisionBy another name it is called a Vision “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 28:19); perish into the grips of poverty, lack, sickness and fear.

I experienced this personally before I understood the law of attraction. I was over $50,000 in debt with no electricity and the phone switched off because I couldn’t pay the bills, no job, no education, on government social security benefits and a wife and four children to feed. Every day I focused on the bills coming in the mail and how much money we didn’t have. I felt paralysed with the fear of poverty and couldn’t see a way out. (The fear of poverty is the most distructive of all fears – we will share more about that another time.)

Once we truly understand the Mind, its connection with God and our Body, and our minds’ purpose, we can no longer live by focusing on our current circumstances. One of the six faculties of the conscious mind is our imagination.

The purpose we were created with an imagination it to be able to create the image of how we want things to be regardless of how our life presently is. The challenge is that for most people their imagination faculty peaks at about 8 or 9 years old and hasn’t been used much since. By the time we become a teenager we are told to get our head out of the clouds and be realistic. Most people become really good at imagining how terrible things will be, they become filled with doubt and worry. We must re-train our imagination, create beautiful pictures of exactly how we desire our life to be and then live in that image with faith, expectation and love.

Here are steps to re-focus your mind and re-train your imagination:

  1. Know exactly what you want. Take out a pen and paper and write down what is NOT working in your life how you want it. Could your marriage be better? Do you have the money you need to do and buy the things you want to? Do you have an illness or are you often sick? Are you unhappy? Are you working at a job you hate? Do you live in a home or area you don’t like?
  2. Now write out on another sheet of paper in present tense exactly how you do want each of those things to be. Don’t just write “I want a better relationship.” Write out, in detail exactly what you want to do have and become. For example, “I have a loving fulfilled relationship with my husband. We spend time every day together communicating and falling more in love. We enjoy frequent romantic times together, like walking along the beach hand in hand or sitting enjoying a coffee together.” Describe your life exactly how you want it to be.
  3. Once you have completed that task, throw away or burn the first list you made of what is not working. You don’t want to read or focus on that ever again.
  4. Re-read your new life at least twice a day. When you wake up first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep at night. Just like a child pretend that it already is, add emotion to it as if it has already happened. Re-writing your new life increases clarity, emotion and expectation.
  5. Only speak to others of how your new life is. Our words create our world so our confessions or what we speak out about our circumstances creates our circumstances. If you continually speak to others about what’s going wrong in your life then that is what you attract. Start speaking with excitement about how your new life looks.
  6. Have Faith … only believe! Many people just want good things to happen and want abundance and yet doubt about whether it can happen or worry about the worst happening. This is using the law of attraction to create a life that you don’t want as we will always attract what we emotionally focus on. Worry and doubt create the huge emotion of fear. We must LET God, let the power, work through us without being anxious about whether the end result will happen or not!  I think Jesus said it so well when he told us in Mark 11:24 “For this reason I say to you, Whatever you make a request for in prayer, have faith that it has been given to you, and you will have it.”  Note the words “Have faith that it HAS been given to you … and you WILL have itSome translations say “If you have faith…” or “If you believe…”
  7. Be expectant and grateful. Expectation propels you into action and draws you closer to your goals. If you really desire something in your life there are certain steps you must take. For example if you desired to travel to Hawaii for a holiday you would have to decide when you are going, buy a suit case, inquire about tickets, hotels etc. What do you need to do right now if you truly expect your new life?

Gratitude is the other key ingredient which is often overlooked by people but absolutely essential if you want to attract anything more into your life.

If you are grateful for what you already have and expect more with the faith that you will have it, your life will be filled with a greater abundance that you now cannot comprehend. You must be grateful for your new life as if you already have it!

There are conditions of receiving and that is first of all knowing what you want, asking, and then believing you have it already! In less than 30 days and very little effort you will completely alter your focus and bounce out of bed every day with the vision of your new life.

Your life and circumstances will begin to change and you will see miracles start to unfold.

Change Your Life

Danger SignI will probably tell you a lot you already know about the Law of Attraction.

A great wise man once said “Be doers of the word, not hearers only, otherwise you deceive yourself.” – James 1:22 … even I don’t do what I know at times!

Your mind and body is ALWAYS a reflection of your spirit realm or thought realm. “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

Ignorance (a lack of knowledge or understanding) leads to worry and doubt, which leads to fear, which leads to depression, lack, poverty in every area of ones life, sickness, even death.

All depression and hopelessness come from the mind being in chaos or lack of order. For example, chaos in our financial thoughts leads to financial lack; chaos in our in our health thoughts lead to disease and sickness; chaos in our vision leads to depression. This may seem logical and simple, but if only the world would grasp it with understanding!

To change our results from lack to abundance, we must first create order in our mind. This was God’s first act of recreation: To create order on this formless void planet. (Genesis 1:2)

The Apostle Paul said in Romans that you have to renew you mind. “Do not be conformed to this world, fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs, but be transformed (changed) by the entire renewal of your mind, by its new ideas and its new attitude, so that you may prove for yourself what is the perfect, acceptable and good will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect in His sight for you.” – Romans 12:2

What Paul was saying is don’t be like the world around you, your present circumstances and environment; but rather change what you think about and focus on, create your perfect life with your God given gift of imagination and hold that image with your will until your mind is renewed, just like God did when He created this world.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18. No wonder we life in a generation of frustrated people, most have no vision for their life, or at best a confused or negative vision.

The way we feel and act is always according to our subconscious images, whether we know, understand or believe it or not. Therefore our results in every area of our lives are because of our thoughts! And because we can control our thoughts we are also responsible for our results.

All creation waits for our thoughts so it can evolve at a faster pace – yet it cannot go backwards. So if we continually look backwards at our past results or even at our present results the world around us continues to move forward but we get ‘stuck’ or cannot move forward.

“All creation waits with eager longing for its revealing though the sons of God.” – Romans 8:19. How exciting – that creation itself is waiting for us, for what God has to reveal through us. Most people though are still looking backwards in pain or forward in fear rather than in excited expectation of revelation now.

It is very easy to tell where a person is by what they speak out. We always speak what we believe. While people continue to speak out their lack, poverty, sickness or being stuck, they will remain there!

The answer is simple: “If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth you will be saved.” That is not just some Christian belief for eternal salvation … it is a universal law, God’s law of creation from the beginning of time, it’s the gift all human’s where given so that they can create “heaven on earth“. Jesus tried to teach the world of this basic fact, yet most will deny Him and continue to live hell on earth because they do not listen. He said, “They have ears but do not hear.” – The kingdom is within you!!

Why am I telling you this? Let me put it another way:

1. VISION – you MUST have a clear vision of how you want your life to be. This is where most people miss it. Without a vision you WILL perish, you will never achieve your dreams & goals. Get REALLY clear on every aspect of your life; write it out in present tense and in vivid detail. Write and Speak only in terms of your new life.

2. PURPOSE – Why do you want it? How does your new life feel? Who is proud of you?

3. FAITH – Knowing that it is already yours! “When you pray, pray believing that it already is yours, and it WILL be yours.” – Mark 11:24 Again, never speak about what you don’t want or complain about you ‘lot in life’ – ONLY speak about what is yours to come but as if you already have it!

4. GRATITUDE – Gratitude moves us closer to the source. Give ALL the glory to God as He gives all things to you, even your very breath. James said even be grateful for your challenges because mixed with faith it creates in us endurance and patience! (James 1:2-4) Speaking gratitude always increases our faith – if ever you find yourself lacking faith speak out loud what you are grateful for, especially your new life.

5. ACTION – You have probably heard it before … Faith without works is dead! Many people watch The Secret and then think all they have to do is sit at the kitchen table and hum, or buy a lotto ticket and they will be blessed with truckloads of money. It ain’t gunna happen!! We must ‘ACT in accordance to our Faith.’ Jesus said “I only do what my father does.

What did His father do?

God looked at a world that was without form and void, and darkness we upon the face of the earth … and He complained and said “Boy, its dark down there. What a mess. I’m stuck and that place is hopeless … that place is still dark and void what is going on … how come my life is always like this … if only someone would help me fix it … I’m going to quit … Boy it’d dark down there!!!!!” No … God said “Let there be light … and there was light.” – Genesis 1:3

You have the POWER of God in you, as a believer you can turn darkness into light … you can speak truth and light to the darkness. Whatever mountain you are facing right now speak the truth to it. If you are not closing deals or getting more clients, if you don’t have a happy fulfilled relationship, if your bank account looks really sick … don’t tell anyone – just speak the truth you desire. If you are struggling financially, don’t EVER speak about your poverty and lack, only speak about the wealth that is coming to you. If your relationship is not exactly how want it, speak exactly how it must be.

Jesus said “Be healed” and sickness departed! We must do what our Father does!

1. The first step is you create your new life … use your imagination like you have never used it before; create a life of health, abundance and prosperity with no thought of how it is going to happen or fear that you can’t. Write down exactly how you want your new life in every aspect and detail. Be precise – don’t just write I want more money or more clients, what exactly do you want?

2. Re-write your new life out EVERY day and put emotion in it … this is the WHY or the purpose. Continue this every day for 28 days.

3. Speak out loud your new life with gratitude, knowing that it is done. Only ask for it once and from then on be grateful for having received it.

4. Take whatever actions you can at the present time towards receiving your new life – the most efficient action you can do each day is hold the image of your new life on the screen of your mind while continually giving praise and glory to God.


Much love and many blessings,

David Schirmer

P.S.  Go to … it is a FREE download of my 2-day Science of Getting Rich workshop … it will change your life!

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